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From Nikon

Nikon’s Dell solution through Xpand IT

South Africa – Johannesburg, May 2013 – Xpand IT, an innovative IT outsourcing and managed service provider recently provided Nikon South Africa with a full Dell solution including storage, servers and networking.

Nikon saw phenomenal business growth over six months, resulting in a splurge of data growth, straining the company’s existing small business server. It needed an IT infrastructure that was able to cope with the new business demands with the option to scale up to cater for continued business growth. This was the challenge that Nikon took to Xpand IT

According to Steven Preston, managing director of Xpand IT, “A business such as Nikon relies on uptime and redundancy. Downtime means loss of revenue on a very large scale. Dell was the only vendor that was able to provide an end-to-end solution that was still within budget. The service associated with warranties on the Dell equipment is fantastic and although Nikon is a new Xpand IT and Dell client, its IT manager and MD were familiar with the service offering of both Dell and Xpand IT based on their respective previous place of employment. We were able to supply and install the equipment and migrate the old environment to the new one.

Dewald Maree, Nikon IT manager says, “Within a six month period we saw our staff complement grow from less than 50 staff to over 90 staff. The growth in data storage volume and backups could not be completed overnight and were running into production time. There was an increase in downtime and If one application on the server had an incident, it often affected all areas of business operation as everything was predominantly on one server. It will also enable us to host in the cloud and facilitate the continued growth of our business. Since implementing the Dell Solution, we have streamlined business processes resulting in improved efficiency, customer satisfaction and reduced downtime.”

Ebrahim Hanslo, Dell South Africa Channel Development Manager adds, ” Xpand IT has been a Dell registered partner for the past three years. It is through valued channel partnerships that Dell is able to deliver world class solutions, superior service delivery and customer satisfaction. Dell Solutions allow customers to pay as they grow and guarantees 24hour mission critical support, this will enable Nikon to focus on the efficient running of its business without worrying about whether the IT infrastructure can support its objectives.

From Dell

Additional information on Dell’s partner programme:
Ebrahim Hanslo
Dell South Africa Channel Development Manager
Tel: 011 709 7700

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