With phishing attacks on the rise, email security is a top priority. Xpand IT has partnered with Sendmarc to get you onto the DMARC global authentication standard.

The Benefits of implementing Sendmarc on your domain are :
  • Visibility – Gain full visibility of all servers, both legitimate and illegitimate, that are sending emails from your domain.
  • Security – Ensure no attackers can send email impersonation / spoofing attacks from your domain.
  • Compliance – Ensuring employees can only send their emails via group approved email servers. This ensures correct record management of all email communication.
  • Delivery – Improve your email delivery, making sure it arrives in the intended inbox and not the spam bucket.
October is Cyber Security Month!

Is your domain protected?

Test your email score below and sign up in the month of October and we will give you a month free on us.

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