1. Due to the lockdown and the volatility of the Rand, along with uncertainty of stock availability, Quotes can be accepted but not guaranteed until after the lockdown period. All unintentional errors and omissions are subject to correction.

2. Unless otherwise stated prices are excluding taxes. Prices are subject to change resulting from fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, government duties, taxes, surcharges, freight and other related costs without notice.

3. Foreign Exchange: the prices quoted are subject to foreign currency fluctuations. In the event that the rand devalues against the US dollar from the date of quotation until the goods are received by our supplier, Xpand IT reserves the right to increase the amount payable by the customer in respect of such goods by the percentage of such change. This will not generally apply if the rate of change is less than two (2) percent. In the event of the shipping, airfreight or other transportation costs increasing between the date of this quotation and the date on which the goods are received by our supplier, Xpand IT reserves the right to increase the price of the goods sold in accordance with such increase. In the event of a manufacturer’s price being increased between the date of this quotation and the date on which the goods are received by our supplier, Xpand IT reserves the right to increase the price of such goods in accordance with the manufacturer’s increase.

4. Products and pricing subject to availability.

Your privacy is important and we respect this in the following policy:

  • From time to time, you may be asked to submit personal information about yourself (eg name and contact details) in order to receive or use our services. Your ability to choose any of our services is entirely voluntary. In addition, you can let us know at any time that you no longer wish to receive such services and you will be removed from our database.
  • We will not share, sell, rent, or trade your personal information with anyone outside of our organisation unless compelled to do so by law.
  • We are committed to protecting the integrity, confidentiality and privacy of the personal information you submit or share with us.
  • Thus, we use reasonable precautions to keep the personal information disclosed to us secure. We will also use reasonable efforts to comply with this privacy policy and will take prompt corrective action when it learns of any failure to comply with our privacy policy. However, we are not responsible for any breach of security or for any actions of any third parties, which may inadvertently receive your information.
  • We, or our third party service provider acting on our behalf, may collect usage information from you when you visit our website for the purposes of informing us about how our visitors and candidates and navigate our websites, including the number and frequency of users to each web page, their IP address and the length of their stays. This information is kept strictly confidential and is only used to improve our websites and our Internet services.
  • Links within this portal to other websites are not covered by this policy and we are not responsible for their privacy policies or how they treat information about their users. We recommend that you review the privacy policy at each such website to determine how that website protects your privacy.

Limitation of Liability:

  • Xpand IT’s total liability under these Terms and any SLA shall be limited to the accumulative total of the invoices paid by
    you under the relevant SLA in the 3 months immediately preceding the cause of action. Save that where such claim is in
    respect of any goods supplied, Xpand IT’s total liability shall not exceed the cost of such goods.
  • Irrespective of the cause of action, in no event shall Xpand IT be liable to the other for any incidental, consequential, or any other indirect loss or damages, or for any lost profits, revenues, or data, or for any exemplary or punitive damages.

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