What is the Canary?
92% of hacked organisations only become aware of the breach when a third party notifies them (DBIR, 2012)
The Canary, is a honeypot security appliance that aims to give network administrators an early warning when hackers break into their networks by disguising itself as a Windows server, router or other network device.
Attackers prowling a target network look for juicy content. They browse Active Directory for file servers and explore file shares looking for documents, try default passwords against network devices and web services, and scan for open services across the network.
When they encounter a Canary, the services on offer are designed to solicit further investigation, at which point it “chirps”, notifying network administrator of the incident.

– Early network intrusion detection
– Allows network administrators to take immediate action
– Prevents theft of your company’s sensitive IP

Xpand IT recommend a multi-layered threat protection approach to safeguarding your data.